Do you have a sudden change in your vision?

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A sudden change in your vision needs to be evaluated immediately. Do not delay in seeking care as it can mean the difference between a full recovery and blindness.

Any change noticed should prompt a call to your optometrist, if they are unavailable then contact a 24 hour clinic or the emergency room.

The first signs of a retinal detachment are often flashes of light and spots in your vision. Not all spots will lead to a retinal detachment, but any new spots must be evaluated. Be prepared to have your eyes dilated at the visit and remember to bring a driver. The effects of the dilating drops will last several hours.

The dilation of your pupils allows the optometrist to determine if there are any holes or tears in your retina. If the floaters are only in the vitreous, your doctor will monitor and give you instructions about when to return for follow-up care.

If the retina has been damaged you will be referred to a specialist for appropriate treatment. Your optometrist can help explain to you what will happen if you need laser treatment or surgery.

The most important tip is to not wait to seek help if you notice a change!